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The Sales Playbook Part 1 of 100. The Art of High Level Sales

Updated: Mar 20

So you've been looking at improving some sales skills or getting into sales as a career. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this obviously. While sales comes naturally to some, there is a collection of small details you can take from each to improve your game. Some are naturally great a building rapport, some just speak with confidence, or some just have that natural aura that people feel comfortable around them. Those secrets will be exactly what this series covers. Starting with understanding how high level sales is an art form that can be replicated.

One of the saddest mistakes a large majority of business owners and sales managers make is not training their sales people. Not having the right tools to perform the job leads to mediocre performance and high turnover rate. Sales is stressful enough, then add figuring it all out on your own. Most sales reps just mimic what they saw before and hope that works. You need to educated yourself. You'll hear me say this a lot throughout this series.

Everything Is Hard Until You Understand It.

Jiujitsu is an extremely technical sport. The better your technique the better you perform. Black belts take about 10 years to get on average. Just a decade of repetition and improving your skill set. Michael Phelps swam 8 hours a day for years without missing a day. Just improving technique and skills. Imagine if you put that kind of effort into improving your sales technique and skills.

While sales is hard to feel comfortable in at first. This playbook will give you the foundation early on to start succeeding and near the end, if you are following everything, you should be exceeding all your other reps. I'm going to teach you rapport building like I learned when I was a Human Intelligence Collector in the army. For those of you that don't know, that's the guy that does interrogations and convinces people to spy on their friends for our interest.

We will be going over how to approach, where to look, posture, your tone, active listening, building a network and so much more. Everything I've learned over the last 14 years of doing every type of sales and always coming out on top.

That's it for now. Pt. 2 will be covering how customers make judgements about you before you even speak. I'll cover things to look for and how to use those signs to move maintain control of the sale.

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If you are in sales or interested in getting into sales, feel free to send me any questions you might have. I have no problem helping give some advice. I don't charge you for anything unless we're doing real coaching. If you have any request for information to be added to the playbook, just let me know. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I want this to be a tool you can use over and over for your entire career. Thank for you time. See you on the next one.

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