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Steps on How to Actually Increase Your Confidence in Sales. The Sales Playbook Pt. 3 of 100.

What if I just gave you a list of 10 steps to learn and after a few weeks you'd be the next Wolf of Wall Street? Sounds like a scam, right? Because it would be. I could easily come up with 10 things that would improve you sales skills. Obviously I had at least 100 ways or this Sales Playbook series wouldn't be a great investment of my time. The problem is learning how to use the skills properly and the small details that nobody ever learns unless they really seek out the knowledge. Or in my case, end up in the right job at 18.

Everyone says use strong eye contact but very few people do because they get discouraged after feeling uncomfortable for the first time. A simple non-verbal skill that can create huge amounts of trust between you and customer, just gone. Because it made you a little uncomfortable to practice.

If you want to be the best you have to do what the rest won't. So I'm going to try today to go over a few sets of skills that will increase your sales performance and how to practice them in your daily life. The more repetitions of something you do, the closer you'll be to mastery as you find all the small spots for improvement. It just takes time. So let's get started on steps to increase your confidence.

First off is posture. Strong posture commands respect and is a huge nonverbal indicator of confidence. Let's get into how to improve your posture. If you read Part 2 I covered some of this but I'm going to go in a lot more detail and teach you how to improve these things. At least from my experience.

The best thing you can do for your posture is going to be some form of yoga or deep stretching. I'm not a professional in this aspect but I can tell you from experience that it will give you a huge improvement in the way you feel about your body. When you start to feel good in your own body you'll also start feeling more confident. So it not only prevents back pain but also gives you benefits that will positively affect your ability to sell.

So you suck in you stomach. I recommend doing this in front of a mirror until you understand enough on how to keep good posture throughout the day. Think of pulling your belly button back towards your spine. Take one really slow and deep breath through your nose and try to fill your entire body with air. When your chest rises and your back lengthens you want to try and keep that shape.

Relax your shoulder by rounding them forward and then back with your chest out. Then focus on lengthening your neck like someone is pulling a string from the crown of your head. Now just go back and check everything is in control. Core, chest, shoulders, back, neck, and of course eyes forward. This is not only going to help you maintain energy through the day but will make you appear more trustworthy to your customers. If you want to really deep dive into posture especially for those who are into fitness I highly recommend the book. "Becoming a Supple Leopard" - by Dr. Kelly Starrett. That or just find a good yoga teacher either online or in person to teach you.

Ok. So we cured your back pain and now you can actually focus on the smaller details. Let's go with the approach as you walk up to a customer. If you are in car sales and have a big lot, this can be the most stressful part of the job. If you mess up the approach the customer might think you are being pushy, might think you aren't knowledgeable, or even confident in your abilities. But if done correctly you can have the customer looking up to your like Captain America and just waiting for direction.

Tall people you naturally have an advantage here. Hurts to admit it sitting here at 5'8" but if I'm shorter than the customer I'm going to have a harder time than if I had the height advantage. But that's a very small obstacle that can be avoided by appearing confident regardless of a height difference. I only mention this to get you to understand what the mind is doing when you stand up tall. So take every bit of subconscious help you can get and stand as tall as possible.

So you walk up with a nice slow stride. Good chance to focus on your breathing so you can slow it down and get oxygen to your brain. A well oxygenated brain is sharp and precise. So take a few good deep breaths in and out through your nose before you approach and slow your heart rate so you don't appear eager.

All of this stuff takes practice so it will probably feel dumb at first. I thought so too. Then I did a bunch of research for a snoring problem and fell into something that changed my game forever. If you haven't read the book "Breath" - by James Nestor go pick that up right away. Put it on audiobook for 30 minutes a night while you stretch before bed or something and you'll start learning another lifelong skill that will keep you healthy, cost nothing but the book cost, and will keep you sharp for your job.

So you have a nice slow heart rate now. You walk up looking like you're auditioning for superman and have a calmness about you since you are breathing so slow and steady. These are all things that people notice, usually without being conscious of it. So creating this appearance when they first encounter you will hack their subconscious into trusting you based strictly on the posture and rhythm of your breathing.

I used this all the time when we were approaching local leaders in Iraq. Human Intelligence is all about the approach. Especially as a foreign invader, you need as much help as you can get. Understand that you might not need all this skills but once you put them to work all at once the results will be obvious. You just need to focus. I mean if I can convince Iraqi Military Officials and local leaders to work for me as a 20 year old kid, imagine improving on that for the next 14 years.

But it takes time and consistency for you to master everything so if you really want to be the best you should do it every single day. No excuses. You can do the stretching and breathing while watching your favorite shows at home. Then just focus on your posture while your sitting on down and when you get up to go to the fridge just make sure to think about it.

Now here's the one that is uncomfortable for everyone. Eye contact. This is going to be all about timing and facial relaxation. Don't want to sit there looking like the local crackhead with bloodshot eyes staring into your soul. Think of this stuff like a checklist so you can do it as a process as you're making your approach.

You want to make eye contact at the exact moment the customer looks you in the eyes. Meeting their eyes first will tip the scales of authority over to your side. Now it doesn't matter if you are meeting them in a car lot and have a long approach or you work at the register. You need keep the eye contact to around 5 seconds. How can you possibly keep track of counting to 5 while paying attention to all the other stuff going on? Especially when we get into tonality and the small muscle twitches to look out for. You're poor brain will fry.

Time it to your breathing. Not only will this help you keep your heart rate down so you can keep your brain sharp but keeps you from making too strong or too little of eye contact. Now this is just the frame work. If you work on this everyday I want you to try going a little bit longer, maybe a little bit less. See what really works best for you and don't be afraid to change it. I promise I won't take offenses. This is just to get you on the right track.

That's going to wrap up this one. Next one is going to continue on eye contact, how to project your voice in a way that sounds confident, and how to avoid the awkward handshake. (In the meantime make sure you don't have wet palms when you shake someone's hand. Shouldn't need to be said, but it still. We all know there is one.)

If you have any questions or request just let me know. Of course this is also what I do for a living so if you are a salesman that wants to invest in improving their skill set or a manager looking to prepare his team for a big sales push, feel free to contact me. Then we can see if I have something that works best for you or if I can at least direct you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading. If you like it please let me know so I can keep more post in this long format style. Hate it? Also let me know. I'm just here to help. Of course if you feel like being a real pal, share it over to your managers so they can start helping support your team too.

Here's a link to the contact page if you are ready to get started now or just scroll down and subscribe to the newsletter to get new sales playbook releases sent to your email and other useful information we put together.

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