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How to Overturn Objections Before They Happen.

You're sitting there after going through your entire presentation. Got all the head nods and now it's a no brainer for them to buy. Then comes the objection. "Well I really wanted this feature." "This is out of my budget" "I'm not looking to buy today" you've heard them all before. This only happens because you missed something. Yeah you can say that the customer was indecisive or something but once you start taking accountability for each sales encounters outcome, you'll start to see the holes in your game. Now here's how to overturn objections before they happen.

First thing, you absolutely need some kind of sales script. Even if you have a low volume business, you should continue to approach every sale with the same approach until you can find out what works and what doesn't. Then just make the adjustments based on the information you learn. That's only possible if you have consistency in the process.

This will give you more confidence the more you stay consistent because you'll be more capable of guiding the conversation and not acting like the guy above and just jump scaring customers.

Second up, once you have the most common objections that you face collected, now its time to integrate those common objections into your script. This is where it gets a little more complicated but this is if we are starting from scratch and seeking the perfect sales team. So let's say for an example you sell a high ticket item. For the market its a little over the average price. Now you know the price objection is going to come because you are priced higher than your competitors. Instead of trying to sit at the end of the sales process and try to convince them that its worth it, you need to focus on building value specific to their needs. Really making it the no brainer decision for them is key, so if you are facing a lot of price objections, focus on value building in your marketing and sales process.

What about "I'm not ready to buy today." Super common right. This is my absolute favorite objection because you can overturn it so early and then use it to close later at the same time. Just know that you will have to use a small sense of urgency or fear of missing out on the opportunity or sale. Unless you are selling hummers you should still have people that are looking to buy and not just kicking tires for those car sales reps out there.

You need to find a way early in the sales process to ask when they are planning on making the purchase. Now most people will say "I'm just looking for now" or something similar. Checking prices, just browsing. Same answer. So when you get to the process of going over their wants and needs in your product or service, you need to slip in my favorite line as a salesman.

"If we find everything you needed on this list and its in budget, you think we could get you all set up today?"

Usually will hit back with a "I just need to think about it." "Talk to the wife/husband", "call my finance guy" Depends on what level you are on but there are all the same thing. Then just follow up with.

"I understand (Their name). What kind of questions did you have?"

A lot of times they will just say never mind or ask about a feature that you didn't cover well enough early in the presentation. Just clean up your wants and needs analysis and makes sure you are finding the value for them. The more valuable it is to the customer, the less objections you will face. Keep that in mind when doing your marketing, sales script, and even your rewards and referral programs.

That's it for this one. Hopefully this helps you learn how to overturn objections before they happen. Just keep building value and get all of the possible problems out early with a clear and simple sales script. If you need any help building your script, process, or even just helping your sales reps overturn objections, just reach out. We're more than happy to help even if its just some free advice.

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