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How to Close More Sales With This One Trick.

The bead of sweat rolls down the side of your face. You try to keep a smile and proper posture but your feet are killing you from walking the entire lot with the customer. They've been in 3 different cars now and you've missed out on a busy Saturday with a lot full of new faces. While everyone else is waiting for the finance guy to finish their deals, you are explaining all the features of another car and how its different than the previous vehicles you showed. You finish your walk around and test drive of the next vehicle and you're begging that he'll just buy and then they look you in your face and with a smile say, "Thanks. I'll have to think about it".

Thankfully I was able to control my face but the rage I felt as a new salesman when that happened to me was insane. I thought this guy was going out of his way to ruin my day. Turns out I made a mistake that most new and even experienced sales representatives make. I lost control of the sale and ended up following my customer for hours and ended with no authority to even try and ask for his business. I became a personal tour guide to the limited options of Subaru.

If this has happened to you than you understand how frustrating it can be, but how do you fix it. I could simply tell you to take control but with how defensive most people are when it comes to dealing with salesman, it won't do you much good. The key is asking questions.

What I learned much later is the reason I had to go through all of these different vehicles and couldn't find one the customer liked was because I never asked what he really wanted. If I would have simply sat down with him and asked what he was looking for and what was really important I would have saved myself enough time to work with a few more customers and possibly turned that into a very profitable weekend. For some reason salesman are often regarded with being smooth talkers when the best salesman in the world are truly the best listeners.

Asking the right questions will give you everything you need to take control, find their pain point, and be empathetic to their needs. Here's a few questions I ask in almost every sales encounter with any customer. I'll keep it focused on car sales but this can be tailored to pretty much any product or service.

  1. What are you looking for specifically in a new car? (Give them examples if they are too vague. i.e. Sunroof, 4x4, sedan or coupe...)

  2. What else? (Keep asking What else until they can't think of anything. This will also open up some options for upselling models or cross selling accessories)

  3. Who will be driving the car primarily? (Don't always assume they are buying the car for themselves until they tell you that. If they say them and their spouse, ask them if they can make the decision to buy if you find everything they are looking for today. DO NOT FORGET TO SAY TODAY!!!)

  4. What budget did you have in mind? (It's going to come up sooner or later when you go over the final price. Getting how much they're looking to spend can allow you to overturn the price objection before you even get out onto the lot.)

  5. What don't you want in the car? (This is important. If they want a lot of feature but don't want leather seats you can avoid that obstacle right away)

There is always room for more questions but these are essential. This will help you avoid wasting time looking at every car on the lot and dealing with objections about price, spouse approval, or doesn't have a feature. Plenty of factors come into play when performing at the top in sales but asking good questions is consistent across all skills required. Make sure to check out the rest of the blog for more tips and insight and subscribe so that you can keep up-to-date with more sales training and techniques you can start using today. Leave a comment if you use these questions and tell us how it affected your sales process.

If you're looking for more training to help you close more sales, hit the link below and let's talk. I'll have some questions for you.

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