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5 Things to Consider When Hiring A Sales Consultant

"The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed." - Henry Ford

How much can they help you vs how little do they have to do to get paid? As a business owner there will eventually come a point in your growth you will look for help. It can be reducing cost, reaching the next benchmark and goal, or trying to save your business from collapsing. That can often come in the form of hiring an outside consultant. This can be a huge decision for most companies so we decided to lay out some things to look for when hiring a new sales consultant. Most of this can apply to any consulting service though.

Hiring a sales consultant

You can hop onto ChatGPT and ask, "How do I improve marketing efforts" "What should I do to get clients?" and "How do I sell this service." Most of the advice is accurate but vague. At least right now, (who knows about the future) but ChatGPT can only give you vague insight into how to grow. Its like the outline of a very detailed book. Just like there are some great insights on YouTube but it never solves your problem. Even if you buy the course, there aren't any real secrets revealed you couldn't find reading a few books. Make sure that the consultant you decide to hire has the experience and skills to give you real results and won't answer all your questions with AI generated responses.

Hiring a sales consultant

Every sale is the same. With over a decade of experience I could agree with that with a small caveat. Every "sales process" is the same. Sales funnel being the more popular term. Again, this is vague information that addresses all businesses. Companies that need conversions are often left with new leads but no improvement in the sales process. Hiring a consulting service is rarely a cheap endeavor. (If it is cheap I advice caution) Make sure that you are getting the most out of it. Adjust your sales scripts, create referral programs, adjust compensation structures to achieve certain goals, and more. There are a lot of small details that business owners miss out on because they are simply unaware that they need it. Make sure your consultant is giving you a customized program and not the same copy and paste they use for every business.

Hiring a sales consultant

This leads into my next point. While a sales workshop can be great at motivating the team, addressing a small gap in the sales process, or giving some insight into the ever changing market, the learning does fade. Most sales training falls off after around 4 months unless maintained and reinforced actually. A consultant that isn't with you for a long time is less likely to be invested in your business success. While we offer workshops and short term solutions, I always encourage clients to partner with us in the long term. This way we can keep their training up to date, continue their growth, and ultimately ensure they are getting the absolute most out of their investment with us. So much so that if you are seeing the results we guarantee, we'll work for free until you do. (We'll cover guarantees in a little bit.) Make sure the consultant you hire will be there to make sure you are continuing to improve and on track for success.

Hiring a sales consultant

We have a saying in the jiujitsu community that "There is no losing, just learning". While I thought is was the nice way of saying I sucked at first it really stuck with me during my first business venture. Most of the successful business owners I know have one main thing in common that can't be taught in school. Failure. You've run bad ad campaigns, didn't price things appropriately and destroyed your margins, hopped into a market you were unfamiliar with, and all the other mistakes you can make as an eager new business owner. While some of these things are outlined in the course work of getting a MBA, its similar to the advice we were given as kids. We were told what to do but you didn't really believe in it until you saw the consequences.

Getting a degree in business can certainly be a helpful foundation, without putting into practice and seeing the results first hand, its not that great. A lot of large consulting businesses have to maintain a certain amount of consultants for their large client list. That means while they may provide valuable insight at the corporate level, they may have never struggled in the process of growing with limited capital, 16 hour days, and trying to keep your team motivated when you have a drought of sales. If you can, ensure that your business consultant has actually owned a business. Hiring a consultant for sales that has never sold anything seems like an obvious no but a lot of business owners forget to look for this detail when hiring a consultant. Just keep an eye out and make sure the help you are getting isn't just from a textbook you could buy on your own.

Hiring a sales consultant

This is the most important thing we're going to cover here. Hiring a consultant can be a risky venture if things don't turn out the way you hope. While some business owners do have unrealistic expectations, a quality consulting service will help inform you of what is achievable. More importantly, they will ensure that delivery with a guarantee. Not having a guarantee is applicable to trade secrets but when it comes to results driven services like increased profits, more referral business, and better ROI on ads, there is no reason a company cannot guarantee those results. Especially if you are getting a customized approach for your business.

That is why when working with us at Savantum we outline your goals and ensure that you will reach them. Not just through hopes and promises, but if we don't get you to your goals in the agreed upon time, we will work for free until you get there. Our business is one of results and that's it. As any consultant should be, we aren't out to just give you some tools so that you can try and reach your goal. We are there with you until you reach that goal and if you stick with us, we'll continue to support you through the next goal with a long term partnership.

Need help reaching that next goal for your business? Hit the link below and start the conversation. We'll be happy to discuss options that will benefit your business and if hiring a consultant at this time is the best choice for you. Until then, make sure to subscribe to the blog and keep up to date for more insight and upcoming specials.

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