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So what is Savantum?

Savantum is the hardware to your software. We help new and established SaaS businesses in the marketplace grow. How? By improving margins, generating new business in a cost effective way and training sales reps how to explain your complex software solutions to the average customer. Making them informed buyers, not just a confused audience. Are you ready to hit the next milestone for your business and continue far beyond? Just hit the link below to get started!


My History
The Short Version

After a career in the military as a Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collector, I pursued the path of sales. Not only did my skills as a HUMINT Collector translate perfectly to sales but it made me a top performer in any field. Car sales, insurance, door-to-door, online, and business to business. The real test came when starting my own business.




 (Me on the right with two of my team members. FOB Warhourse, Baqubah, Iraq 2009)


Turns out it takes more than sales skills. While I was able to build a network of buyers and never had to discount my prices, I was a kid who didn't understand money and made a lot of mistakes. But those mistakes taught me things that most consultants will never learn. 


I broke down what  worked so well and put years into researching the best way to teach it to others. After a few successful test with other salesman I've worked with, I've decided to bring this training to everyone else as Savantum. 

With Guaranteed results, I'm able to ensure that every company gets the most out of the training and strategies with zero risk to themselves. I've made the mistakes and found the right answers so you don't have to. I don't want to just train your team, but become the mentor that helps you grow with good decisions and more importantly, avoid the costly ones. 

If you're ready to get started and have someone with actual business experience help grow your business just hit the link below and let's see if we're a good fit for you. 

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