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Starting a business is hard. We'll make it easier for you. 

Entrepreneurship is no easy adventure. Especially when you realize all the things you didn't learn ahead of time. How to make sure you have a solid sales script, how to reach your target market without doing TikTok dances, and how to ensure your management is supporting your team to perform at their best. 

That's where we come in. Here to support you at all parts of your startups journey to give you a foundation for success that you can actually lean on. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back on all our services, its a zero risk investment for your business at a critical time in its life. 

50% off 2 week Sales Accelerator while spots are available!

Bryan Bykonen

Working with Savantum was great. Mike helped me get everything together I didn't know I needed. The increase in sales paid for the training alone. Can't wait to schedule our training again next year.

Gavin Davis

"This is definitely worth the investment. When I first tried starting my business I was completely lost and was losing money daily trying to do my own ads. Even when I got people into calls my lack of sales skills always lost me a potential customer. That's when I found Michael. Mike guided me through the entire ad and social media process while teaching me valuable sales skills and even helped me with my script! If it wasn't for Mike I would've just been another statistic who never made it."

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Generate more business, increase profits, and grow your business. Here's just a small part of what we'll do to help.  

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Insight and Analytics

We'll find the gaps in your sales process with a detailed audit. Leaving no stone unturned. 


Improved Conversions

Closing deals is the goal but we'll educated your team on the process needed to make it happen over and over again. 

Giving a Presentation

Get You Qualified Leads

Tired of reaching out to uninterested customers because a vague ads campaign? We'll help you connect with actual buyers without extra cost.

What is Savantum

Simply put, Savantum is the one stop for all your startup training and planning. We'll walk through the steps you need to get your business up and running successfully and with an actual plan to continue. 

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